Wooden Floor Cleaning


Let Floor Wizards revitalise your wood flooring

There is nothing quite as nice a newly laid wood floor. It does not matter whether it is real wood, engineered wood or laminated wood. Once it is down and polished you are scared to walk on it. Now that would be an excellent idea, but life is not like that.

In real life, over time, that lovely wood floor will eventually deteriorate, scratch, stain and mark. When this happens you need highly trained, professional floor cleaners and renovators.  Floor Wizards are a company with the reputation, experience and equipment to return your wood to its best.

The Floor Wizards way

There is now a cleaning technique for wood floors that can restore them without the use of sanding. Sanding and varnishing or staining a floor has always been the traditional way of ‘cleaning’ it. However the extra work involved in preparing areas for sanding and cleaning up the dust afterwards can be counter-productive. Also, it is not a technique that can be used on veneered and some engineered floors; the reason being is that sanding can remove the top layer of real wood, wrecking the whole floor.

The rotary cleaner has revolutionised all wood floor cleaning. It is fast, mess free and does not involve living with sawdust for many weeks.

Floor Wizards approach to wood

The majority of wood floors and finishes are suitable for rotary cleaning, but before we start work we will carry-out a full assessment of your floor just to double check. Once we have know the floor is suitable we follow these steps to ensure the best finish: –

•    Clear the area of furniture or protect it from the cleaning process. We do ask you remove your smaller, valuable or breakable items prior to our visit.
•    Protect skirting and doors with suitable low stick products.
•    Sweep the floor area. This lifts all the loose dirt and debris.
•    Soft vacuum the prepared floor. This means we use a soft attachment on the vacuum cleaner to remove the stubborn dust.
•    Chemical ‘sanding’ of all areas. We complete this using our modern, specially designed, machines. If areas are difficult to reach or unsuitable for the machine, we will apply the preparation by hand. It is important to note that all chemicals used are safe for humans and pets. The machines are designed to softly remove all residue then roughen the surface slightly to give a key for the protective solution
•    Rinsing will make sure all chemicals and residue are removed.
•    Drying the floor may be necessary by using specifically designed driers.
•    Damage repair. At this stage we examine the whole floor for damage caused by wear and accidental damage. Although most small marks or scratches can be repaired, larger areas may be harder to completely repair and we may only be able to partially hide them.
•    Floor protector and finishing agent is applied in two coats. The finish is applied in a manner that produces the best results. The first layer needs to dry for about 40 minutes before the second can be applied. After the second coat has been applied we ask that you wait at least 4 hours before the floor is used again. During the drying process the room needs to be kept well ventilated.
•    Admire! You stand back and admire your brilliant new-looking floor.

Important facts not to be forgotten with Floor Wizards

•    Prices you will not beat
•    We schedule around you, not you around us
•    Short notice treatments accepted
•    We operate 24/7
•    Fully train experienced technicians
•    Modern equipment and cleaning products
•    Human and pet safe products

To get your wood back to its best, call Floor Wizards on 01908 410004.