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The Floor Wizard carpet cleaning service features fast drying methods, meaning that you are not inconvenienced by waiting for your carpets to dry. Our carpet cleaning service also features deep cleaning - much deeper than can be achieved with hoovering meaning stains are lifted. Our cleaning methods offer protection from future stains. We only use child and pet friendly cleaning products so there is no need to worry about allowing your child or pet onto the freshly cleaned carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Service Benefits

The benefits of Floor Wizard\'s cleaning services is the level of stain removal offered. While in conventional cleaning methods many stains do not get lifted, with the use of Floor Wizard\'s cleaning service the majority of stains will be fully lifted. Our carpet cleaning service leaves carpets looking in excellent condition - similar if not the same as brand new. Having your carpets cleaned by Floor Wizard improves hygiene by cleaning all germs out of your carpet. The service also removes any smells your carpet has accumulated during use. A final benefit of using Floor Wizard\'s carpet cleaning service is extension of carpet life, extending the time before replacement.

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What we do

We strive to offer you the best carpet cleaning service and set out below how we can help you: -

  • We always use a six stage process which guarantees excellent results;
  • Our process is fast drying making the whole process less time consuming for you;
  • We ensure that we use only materials that are both pet and child friendly;
  • Particular attention will be paid to any strains sighted;
  • We offer out of hours appointments, to include Saturdays on request;
  • We are up to date with the newest equipment to help us achieve optimum results;
  • We can offer additional stain guard protection if required.

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