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Tips For Cleaning Terracotta Tiles Floor

Nowadays, the people are moving towards something more elegant and classic, and terracotta tiles provide the beauty to our floors and walls, which we have always wanted. The beautiful, weathered and aged terracotta floor tiles offer you the right appearance for your kitchen, bathroom or porch. The most important thing for them is to keep them clean, here are a few tips for Terracotta tiles floor cleaning

The traditional method: It is very important to check if the tiles are porous, this can happen from time to time over the years. But, this can be easily remedied. If you want to check whether your terracotta floor is porous or not, then you can place a bit of water in the middle of a tile.

If after 15 minutes the water gets soaked, then it is high time to treat them with boiled linseed traditional method, which will help in protecting terracotta tiles and will provide them with the perfect look. This method will darken the tile in a natural way and will give them a been there forever look.

Applying Boiled Linseed oil: If you want to improve the water-tightness of the terracotta tiles, then this is how you can apply boiled linseed oil. First, you need to clean the floor with the neutral pH soap, then wipe or mop the floor in the best possible way and leave it to get dried; this might take a day or so.

Once the tiles get dried and clean, you can take the warm linseed oil and apply it in the whole area with the brush. Now, after twenty minutes, check if there is any excess if there is then re-work and try to cover the whole flooring with an equal amount of oil.

After this, simply leave the floor for eight hours, the linseed oil will be soaked by the floor. Repeat the process and after twenty minutes of dry rag and remove the excess oil on the surface. This will provide an even finish and shining surface.

Sealing the terracotta tiles: Unsealed tiles do provide a super-charming look, but if they are laid in the kitchen, then they will get stained and will look dirty after daily use.

If you want to seal your tiles, then you can go for a protective finish, which is ideally oil based and will work well with the linseed oil.

Now, you know how to perform terracotta tiles floor cleaning, follow these simple tips and enjoy a neat and clean floor.

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