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Tiled Floor Cleaning

Floor Wizards on tiled floors

Tiles have been around for centuries. Being able to deep clean them to a satisfactory standard has, until now, been problematical. The problem is water; it gets everywhere. Too much water left lying under tiles will lead to them lifting, breaking and the grouting coming to a drift.

Home cleaning of your tiled flooring is very necessary for hygiene reasons alone.

However, your mopping is only really touching the surface. The wear on your tiles from daily traffic is great and dirt and grime is forced into their surfaces destroying the colours and patterns. Eventually, you just end up with a permanent scruffy, stained mess.

What do we have to avoid with tiles?

Consequently what we are trying to achieve here is the removal of surface dirt, rather than getting deep underneath, like you would with carpets. Therefore we use machines capable of delivering and retrieving water at high pressures.

The importance of getting the water away quickly cannot be stressed strongly enough. Today’s powerful cleaning machine are capable of getting the water onto and off the tiles quickly, so they are cleaned but with no excess water left behind.

The drying machines we use in our business are powerful enough to remove any excess damp ten times quicker than some fans used by competitors.

To complete the job Floor Wizards apply a protective sealing guard which not only acts as a shield against future grime, but also as a polished finish to set off the best of your tiles.

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