Carpet Cleaning Why Use Floor Wizards


Top 10 reasons that make Floor Wizards ‘THE’ carpet cleaning company of choice.

1.    Experience and expertise

There is one thing that can never be replaced, experience and expertise. Our technicians have both of them, which means you are guaranteed a first-class cleaning job.

2.    Deep cleaning techniques

our experienced technicians, combined with up-to-date equipment and the most recent cleaning techniques, means we can rejuvenate your carpets, upholstery and floors and make them like new again.

3.    Stain Protection

As a matter, of course, we apply stain protection as part of our treatment. The product we use is the exceptional Stain Guard; this is a water-based product so is better for your carpets and upholstery. Applying stain protection after deep cleaning means you will not have to worry when those inevitable spillages happen; just mop it up and like magic, it is gone.

4.    Fast drying

our method of cleaning carpets incorporates the use of accelerating the drying process; this means excess water is not left in the carpet. Unless the water is removed from the carpet quickly it can lead to an unpleasant smell or, even worse, the carpet breaking up.

5.    Safe cleaning products

Without stating the obvious, cleaning products are full of chemicals. To be fair they need to be in order to combat the dirt and grime that builds up in our homes. However, consideration must be given to others who are in the home. Children and pets being a major concern. In order to keep the home environment safe for you and them, we continually monitor cleaning products being released onto the market.

6. Cost-Effective & reliable

our prices are really competitive and we deliver every time and on time.

7.    Third-party liability insurance

to give you that extra peace of mind, but, unfortunately, even the best have accidents.

8.    Convenient cleaning hours

normal cleaning hours are usually completely inconvenient to businesses. Because of this, we will clean at a time that is convenient to you. “What’s the catch, must be expensive.” I hear you say. To the contrary, we will not charge you any more than we would for ‘convenient hours’.

9.    Furniture movement

we will not expect you to move-out all your furniture before we start. Obviously we would like you to remove smaller and valuable items, nevertheless, we will either move the furniture for you or guard it against damage.

10.    Unbeatable prices

if we have not sold you on our company by now, then our prices will complete the sale!

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