Stain Guard Protection for Carpet and Upholstery

Floor Wizards customers deserve the best carpet and upholstery cleaning service, which is why we offer full stain guard protection after every clean.

Two things to bear in mind when deciding whether to protect or not,

  1. Even if, your carpets and upholstery were previously stain protected, it is necessary to reapply the protection after 2 or 3 deep cleans by professional cleaners.
  2. Unprotected furnishings are not so resilient to spillages and staining.

That is why, Floor Wizards ensure they reapply stain guard protection after EVERY clean; this means you have the assurance that your furnishings always have the best protection.

The Product

The professionals at Floor Wizards use a solvent based stain guard product, with a proven track record. After an application, a layer of stain protection will cover every strand of your carpet or upholstery. This will allow the quick and easy clearing of any spillage and make the fibres resistant to dirt, allowing for easy stain removal.

Unfortunately, it is not only dirt, grime and dust that clogs up our carpets and upholstery; there are some other unsavoury beings living in our homes.

The following are some of the things you may find in your furnishings,

  • moths
  • silver fish
  • carpet beetles
  • bed bugs
  • fleas
  • dust mites
  • fungal mould
  • bacteria

The design of the product we apply to your furnishing will safely remove, and kill off, all such infestations. The bonus of the stain guard is the chemical make-up of the product is such that it deters the return of these pests.

You may not know, but many common allergies, such as asthma, can be caused or exasperated by these pests. Because carpets and upholstery fill our homes, the potential of having an allergy free environment is slim. Having the peace of mind your furnishings are actively working to provide you an allergy free living space, is a significant benefit.

Life without carpet protection

Carpets and upholstery that have not undergone an application of stain guard protection are more susceptible to,

  • irremovable stains and marks
  • a shorter life span
  • becoming unsightly
  • infestations of pests

Household furnishings are not cheap, so an added investment in continuing to protect them against wear, tear and nature has to be a wise decision. The product we protect your items with is much more than just a stain guard.

For all your carpet and upholstery stain protection needs contact Floor Wizards on 01908 41 00 04