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Rug Cleaning You Can Trust


At Floor Wizards we understand that your rugs are an important investment. We want to ensure that they stay looking their best for many years to come. Vacuuming alone will not clean your rugs well enough to keep them in their best condition.

Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced and we are proud of our reputation for delivering a professional service every time. Our modern cleaning systems, along with an excellent service guarantee, ensure that Floor Wizards is a name you can rely on.

Modern Rugs

We can clean any rug. It doesn’t matter what size it is, what shape it is or even what it’s made of. Our state-of-the-art equipment combined with attention to detail and age-old hand washing methods are guaranteed to give a superb cleaning experience.

Antique Rugs

We can even restore your antique rugs to their former glory. To ensure that we don’t damage your rug, we use a very gentle cleaning technique.

The Cleaning Process

We start by vacuuming your rug on both sides to remove any superficial or loose dirt. Then we apply our guaranteed process to gently lift dirt and soils from deeper within your rug. This can then be easily removed, leaving your rug beautifully clean.

We carefully check your rug and spot clean any remaining stubborn stains.

Once your rug is clean, we will apply a deodoriser and sanitiser to remove any lingering odours and leave your rug with the scent of fresh springtime. We can also protect your rug against future stains or spills.

Unique Service

Floor Wizards offer a unique rug cleaning service which provides thorough, deep down cleaning. It removes all traces of dirt and soiling without the need to resort to powerful detergents. This reduces the risk of damaging your precious items.

Rugs cleaned by Floor Wizards will dry quickly, thereby avoiding the risk of colour-bleeding. It also removes the likelihood of mildew or mould growth.

At Your Convenience

At Floor Wizards we pride ourselves on providing a convenient service, so we can offer our rug-cleaning service on-site. This does depend on the condition of the rug, but in the majority of cases we are able to assist.

Our qualified technician will be happy to answer any questions about our service and will also be able to offer advice as to the best way to restore your rugs to their very best condition.

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