How To Reduce Allergies With Regular Carpet Cleaning


Reducing allergies through regular carpet cleaning

Useful guide from Floor Wizards What are the sources of allergies? Allergies can make you very uncomfortable even in your own home. There are many sources of allergens. They can arise from outside of your house, from your garden (in terms of various pollens), or from the skin and fur of your cat or dog (dander). The main source of allergens, though, is the dust mite which is present in most households to some extent. Dust mites can not be seen with the naked eye but feed on human skin and can only be destroyed by vacuuming, or undertaking extensive cleaning, of your bedding. Pollution in our homes is a major source of allergies. The dust mite is a very robust creature. It breeds quickly and an infestation can develop in a short period of time. Once dust mites have become well established in a home it can take an extensive quantity of cleaning to remove them. Allergens and your health The costs of allergies to our health are high. Allergies can have a serious impact on your nose and throat. Sinuses can be impacted and painful sinuses are a sure sign that allergies are present. Sore throats, coughs and wheezing are other symptoms. Allergens can even get into your eyes, causing pain and irritation making everyday activities such as reading or watching television very uncomfortable. Allergens and well being As well as your health, allergens impact upon your general well being. As stated above, simple activities become painful when allergens are present. In addition, some members of your family may have particular sensitivity to allergens. If this is the case then quality of life may be diminished for them. It may even mean that friends and family are less likely to visit your house as they may suffer from streaming eyes and a runny nose. The impact of allergens can be much wider than your own well being and you need to consider your children, family and wider circle of friends. How to remove allergens What is not known by householders is that removing these allergens is relatively straightforward. There are a number of basic activities that most people can follow in order to diminish these sources of irritation. Making sure that pets are clean and well groomed is a first step. Also trying to keep the house at a reasonable temperature and low humidity will lead to benefits. We now cover Towcester area and Brackley. The importance of professional cleaning An additional, and vital, step, is to eliminate the source of allergens thorough regular and thorough cleaning of carpets and upholstery. Once considered a luxury service, professional cleaning of soft furnishings and carpets has become a priority in many homes. This not only keeps your home clean, but also has great benefits for your health and well-being. It is a truism that this kind of systematic, and frequent, cleaning by a professional team will mean that there is significantly less chance that your family will experience the symptoms of allergens. Cleaning and the environment It used to be that professional cleaning had a negative environmental impact. The use of chemicals and products that were bad for the environment was frequent. However, we pride ourselves as providing an environmentally service using efficient processes such as cold water cleaning, reduced chemical treatments and sensible use of resources. Taking action against allergens You can protect your own home, and your family, against the most serious sources of allergens. Contact us for professional, high quality, and reliable cleaning. See the areas we cover [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]