How To Protect Your Sofas, Curtains And Carpets!

How To Protect Your Sofas For enjoying the cooler months, you need to be sure that your upholstery is free from debris and should provide a dust-free atmosphere to all. The dirt and dust are actually the real enemies of your pristine white curtains and your beige coloured sofa. And if we talk about the carpets, then the dust doesn’t leave them, clan, at all even for a day. Here’s the solution for the dirt issues, you just need the proper accessories and the right products and then you can maintain your good looking curtains, carpets and sofa. 1. Clean it up: You only need baby wipes and hair sprays and you can remove the pen or marker stains from your curtains, sofa and carpets. You won’t believe, but hairspray can do miracles and it is actually a remedy for the pen stains. You just need to spritz the hair spray on your sofa and then clean it up. It’s very effective and you will be impressed. Even the baby wipes can remove the liquid stains or can absorb them to provide a clean surface. 2.Slipcovers: You can get washable covers for your sofa, which is easy to maintain. You can buy cotton or casual linen covers, which will look stylish and practical. By covering your sofa you need not worry about the stains and dirt, as the stains will be on the covers and not on the sofa. Armrest covers are also a brilliant idea and this will protect your precious furniture. The best part is whenever you feel that your covers have become very old, then you can get a new set that too without spending any more money. 3.Clean regularly: Make sure that you take some time on a daily basis or at least once in a week to check and clean your upholstery. If you remove the stains before they get hard to remove, then you can definitely maintain your good looking upholstery. Like if you have arranged a dinner party at your home, then don’t forget to check after the party, what all stains you have got and whenever you’ll get time clean them, but as soon as possible. 4.DIY stain remover: You can make your own stain remover, by just mixing some cheap ingredients which are readily available in your house. You will need 1 teaspoon of ammonia, 1 teaspoon of vinegar, ½ cup of detergent and some warm water. Mix them well and you are all set to clean the dirty stains in minutes. Just take out the forth from the mixture and apply it on the stains and clean it with a clean cloth. You can clean your sofa, curtains or carpets with this remover. Now, you know that it is neither hard nor costly to clean your immaculate items. Thus, protecting your sofas and curtains can be a cheap but long term good idea to give the protection to your upholstery. For all your carpet and upholstery stain protection needs contact Floor Wizards on 01908 41 00 04