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Professional Furniture Cleaning

Professional furniture cleaning requires an attention to detail alongside a bespoke understanding of all of the latest techniques. Of course, not all firms are able to offer such skills.
Different materials will naturally dictate the need for different approaches and above all, the fabrics must be protected while a deep-down clean is still critical to maintain the appearance of one’s furniture.
These are some of the areas that we at Floor Wizards are happy to address.
Let us now take a brief look at some of the most effective furniture cleaning techniques as well as why they can prove to be such valuable services.

One Size Does Not Fit All

One of the problems with many furniture cleaners is that they adopt a rather universal approach in regards to their techniques. Not only may this not address any stains or discolourations that are present, but this mentality could very well damage the underlying upholstery. This is a very real concern and improper chemicals can cause irreparable harm. Floor Wizard will approach every furniture cleaning task differently; ensuring that only the most targeted of techniques are employed.Odour Protection Bacteria and grime can cause much more than an unsightly stain. In fact, they are one of the leading causes of mould and odours around the home. Turnkey furniture cleaning solutions will therefore target the source of the odour at its roots by cleaning the fibres from their base. This is truly the only way to remove ground-in stains and other conditions. Once the surface has been cleaned, a protective treatment is applied. This offers a substantial barrier against stains, dirt and daily damage. More Than Meets the Eye It is always critical to get at the root of any furniture stain. Treating the surface alone will hardly solve the problem. Let us not forget that modern furniture can represent a very real investment while older pieces may very well have been handed down from generation to generation. Floor Wizard appreciates that there is simply no room for skin-deep treatments here. Whether referring to safe chemical solutions or methods involving the use of steam, experts need to address the source of the issue as opposed to merely attending to the cosmetic appearance of upholstery. This is another area which Floor Wizard specialises in. Without such attention to detail, regular maintenance is much less effective. Addressing One Material at a Time Most of us are already aware that different materials will require unique approaches in terms of cleaning and maintenance. There are a few examples to note here. While the smooth surfaces of leather may appear to be easier to address, it is a fact that this sensitive material can lose moisture if not treated correctly. Many harsh retail chemicals can actually damage leather over time. Our trained professionals will therefore apply moisturisers and other additives to make certain that such surfaces will remain supple for years. In the same respect, cleaning fabrics revolves around much more than a simple steam or a chemical wipe. All of the excess materials need to be removed to avoid moisture and other harsh agents. We also utilise pH-sensitive products to make certain that delicate surfaces are not unintentionally damaged during the process. Anything less would place the furniture itself at risk. These are only a handful of the effective approaches which are espoused by Floor Wizard. Those who are looking for a superior cleaning company with an attention to detail will be pleased with what we can provide. Please contact us to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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