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Floor Wizards company based in Buckingham

Floor Wizards – what we do

Floor Wizards are a professional cleaning company based in Milton Keynes. We cover all of Buckingham and the majority of the Northern Home Counties. However if you do not see your locality on the list do not worry, give us a call on 01908 410004 and we will let you know if we can bring our expertise to your home.

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What we do

Here at Floor Wizards, we pride ourselves on being professional cleaners, who provide and exceptional service to all customers. Our dedicated team are experts in comprehensively cleaning both private and commercial properties. We are insurance approved and have been in the industry for decades, so you can rely on us! Importantly, we have a quick turnaround and can therefore fit appointments in at very short notice. We always keep customers abridged of how a job is going and ensure a job is done to exceptionally high standards.

Services we offer

If you require a fast, efficient and reliable cleaning service then you should consider getting in contact. Our prices are competitive and we guarantee that we will beat any like-for-like quote offered by another cleaning company.

In private properties we offer these services:

We also service commercial properties and here a selection of those we can offer our services to:

  • Hotels
  • Public houses
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Care homes
  • Offices

If you need professional cleaning in Buckingham call today on 01908 410004 for an appointment.

Carpet Cleaning

Oven cleaning

Driveway cleaning

Curtain cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

Experience the Magic of Professional Cleaning Services from Floor Wizards Buckingham

Are you are looking for professional cleaning experts for your home or place of work?

Look no further. Floor Wizards is a top-rated local cleaning service company Buckingham with over five years of experience in the cleaning business. We understand that any form of cleaning work can be physically demanding and time-consuming, that’s why we have made it our business to take care of the mess so you can focus on your productivity.

Our services include carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, driveway cleaning and curtain cleaning.

Our cleaning services are tailored for households, hotels, pubs and general businesses.

We have set ourselves apart from the flock by using modern cleaning systems and safe chemical products throughout our cleaning processes. Check our service descriptions below and take advantage of our amazing deals and a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee.

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Floor Wizards Carpet Cleaning Buckingham

Let’s face it; we can’t live without carpets. In the modern era, carpets have become an important part of our lives when around the house or office. They add aesthetic value to our floors and make our homes and offices welcoming. Our feet will also appreciate the comfortable feel and warmth offered by a carpeted floor as compared to a cold, uncarpeted one. That said carpets take in a lot of foreign particles resulting from food spillages, dust, loose fur from pets, and human hair. Since they are always under our feet, carpets will also absorb sweat from bare feet. Daily activities around your home or office will eventually make that new carpet messy, stained and smelly, requiring regular professional cleaning [name] to restore it to its original look and feel.

Floor Wizards carpet cleaning service will restore your carpet back to its original state using our modern cleaning system. Our team will give you a personalised experience by first inspecting your carpet to identify its material and stained areas. This careful approach is important so as not to damage your carpet’s material and also identify stubborn stains that may require special treatment. Our team will also move your furniture to create ample working space. You will not be billed for this! Carpets with strong unpleasant odours will be deodorised by our technicians using fragrances of your choice. We also have a special treatment that removes static electricity from your carpet, making it less magnetic certain particles such as dust, pet fur, and human hair.

Why Choose Floor Wizards Carpet Cleaning Service?

• Stains will make your carpet unsightly and won’t disappear by washing with normal soaps and detergents. We remove stubborn stains from your carpets using special products.
• Continuous dirt tends to shorten the life of your carpet by amplifying wear and tear. Regular professional carpet cleaning from Floor Wizards will extend the life of your carpet.
• Smelly carpets create an unpleasant environment to live or work in. Our technicians will deodorise your carpets with perfumes of your choice to eliminate bad odours.
• Dirty carpets are fertile grounds for germs. Our special cleaning products will not only remove dirt from your carpets but also kill germs harbouring deep in the carpet, leaving your carpet hygienically clean.
• Floor Wizards has invested in modern cleaning equipment and superb cleaning products. Your carpets will not get damaged in any way.
• Our cleaning products and processes are designed to prevent re-staining of your carpets in the future.
• Our cleaning processes are designed to ensure your carpets will dry fast, not in hours.
• Using our deep-clean methods, dirt buried deep in the carpet is also removed. We also go the extra step of checking under the carpet for foreign particles and insects.
• All our equipment and chemicals are environmentally safe and friendly to your kids and pets, giving you peace of mind.

Floor Wizards Oven Cleaning

Baking at home is fun! It is a rewarding activity for the whole family especially during weekends when everyone is at home. It is every mother’s joy to sit back and watch her family enjoy a freshly-made cake. Baking is enjoyable but cleaning the oven is not a task anyone enjoys. Ovens usually get dirty over time mostly due to smudges of grease that gets stuck inside the oven. Food particles also fall off and get burned into tiny charred particles, leaving the oven unsightly. The heat inside the oven makes the situation worse by cementing grease on the oven walls, making normal cleaning difficult and ineffective. That’s why ovens require regular professional cleaning. Choosing to clean such an oven by yourself is a bad idea, as it will consume a lot of time and leave you frustrated and tired.

Oven cleaning service from Floor Wizards makes this daunting task a breeze. We have well-trained and experienced oven cleaners on standby to serve you. We have the perfect equipment and products to resuscitate your oven, no matter how dirty or grease-stuffed it may be. Our professional cleaners will get rid of all the charred particles and stubborn grease inside your oven, leaving it fresh and ready for your next baking session. You will also get free professional advice on how to care for your oven and how often to contact Floor Wizard for regular oven cleaning. Even better, you can order for our oven cleaning service alongside our other services such as carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning and receive massive discounts!

Why Choose Floor Wizards Oven Cleaning?

• Our team of oven cleaners is well trained and experienced. You will get the best quality services from us.
• We are aware that oven types vary from client to client. Your oven will be attended to with great care and our cleaning procedures will conform to its type and specific requirements.
• We let you take control by letting you choose the most convenient times for service delivery after placing your orders. We won’t charge you for this extra convenience!
• Our team is highly professional and friendly. You can issue extra instructions even during the cleaning process. You won’t be charged for this extra convenience.
• We help you move your furniture to create enough working space without billing you for it.
• Our prices are unbeatable in the cleaning industry; you get more than you paid for! We also have discounts for regular customers.

What we clean:

• Single Oven
• Double Oven
• Hobs
• Rangemaster
• AGA’s & Rayburn
• Microwaves
• BBQs
• Extractor Clean & Filters

Floor Wizards Driveway Cleaning

Driveways and patios can be great areas for recreation, especially during the weekends. You can also host guests or have drinks on these areas. Since these areas are located outside buildings, people often access them with their shoes on and they get dirty with time and become undesirable for these activities.

Whether your driveway or patio is made of bricks, tiles, stone, wood or cement, Floor Wizards have the perfect solution for cleaning these areas. We provide this service for both commercial and domestic establishments. We use the latest cleaning equipment and technology that employs rotating plane and high-pressure methods. You don’t have to stress yourself worrying about the state of your driveway or patio; Floor Wizard will take care of it in a professional way, so the environment outside is as appealing as the inside of your home or office.

Why Choose Floor Wizards Driveway Cleaning?

• We have the latest equipment and technology perfect for any driveway or patio. You won’t have to worry about your driveway or patio getting damaged
• Our chemicals are friendly to the environment. Any adjacent plants won’t be affected by spillages.
• Our team will even clean the grout areas as an extra service without billing you for it
• You will get free professional advice on how to care for your driveway and patio
• We have special treatment for driveways and patios to prevent future growth of moss, mushrooms and algae
• We have special treatment to kill harmful germs that may harbour in hidden areas of your driveway or patio

Contact Floor Wizards today for a free quote on driveway or patio cleaning.

Floor Wizards Curtain Cleaning

Curtains are an integral part of our lives around the home or office. Most people will remember to clean everything else in their houses and offices but forget the curtains. This is so because we don’t interact with curtains that much and rarely get a chance to inspect them. With time, they get stained with grease from our hands, insects and dust particles. Only visitors to your home or office are likely to notice that your curtains are dirty; visitors are the last people you want to see that!
Floor Wizards offers a curtain cleaning service for homes and offices. We do the hard work by climbing on ladders to reach for your curtains, clean them and dress them. We clean not only the curtains but also the curtain linings using the latest chemicals and procedures to avoid damage to your curtains. Our well-trained technicians will carefully inspect your curtains to identify the type of fibres they are made of and also determine the best cleaning approach for the best results.

Floor Wizards Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture gets traffic from resting hands, playing kids and pets. Furniture is another item that is likely to be forgotten regarding regular cleaning and may not receive the same attention we give to carpets. Unfortunately, upholstered furniture absorbs sweat, grease, pet fur, human hair and dust particles just like carpets, and begins to look dull if not cleaned. If your upholstery is visibly dirty, then your furniture is filthy.

At Floor Wizards, we have a well-trained team to handle all sorts of upholstered furniture and materials. You will be surprised at how hard our team will work to restore your furniture to its original new look. Getting professional upholstery cleaning service from us is beneficial to both you and your furniture; you will get your dream hygiene while your furniture gets a longer life. Choosing to clean the furniture yourself can cement the dirt deeper in the fibres and even damage the material for good. Let our professional cleaners handle this mess by first inspecting your fibres to identify the best approach. We will never damage your furniture, ever!

Why Choose Floor Wizards Upholstery Cleaning?

• We know moving furniture around is a difficult task. Our team won’t charge you for helping you arrange stuff before and after it has been cleaned.
• We know furniture is upholstered from many different materials and fabrics. Our team will carefully inspect your fibres to identify the best cleaning methods and products. That way, your furniture won’t get damaged.
• We understand that your availability might not be guaranteed during the normal office hours. Floor Wizards will clean your furniture outside normal hours or weekends and won’t charge you for it!

Call us today on 01908 410004 for the best cleaning service for your home or business [name]

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