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Floor Wizards the Landlords best friend

Troublesome tenancies

As most landlords know tenants can play havoc with your property. There are tenants who literally trash the property before leaving and those who have not cleaned anything in all the time they have been there.

There are those who leave the property without you knowing, the only warning coming when the rents not paid. There are tenants who sneak pets into your property, even if the tenancy agreement does not allow this.

If you are a landlord with a mortgage or loan on the property, you need to turnaround a new tenant very quickly.  This is where Floor Wizards can help you.

Landlords can call us at very short notice to deep clean their properties, we can respond at 24 hours notice and have your property tenantable, dependent on the level of cleaning needed, in only a few days.

Planned end of tenancy cleaning with Floor Wizards

Despite the horror stories there are many tenancies which end normally. The level of cleaning required may vary, but in these circumstances we can plan in advance when the work can start.

We will meet you at the property, assess the level of cleaning required then schedule the cleaning process so the minimum time is lost when the property is not receiving rent.

If you are renting a furnished property we can include upholstery cleaning giving you the peace of mind that your rental property is fresh, hygienic and welcoming for your new tenant.

The main benefits for landlords

•    Fast response, within 24 hours where necessary
•    Deep cleaning
•    Removes all dirt, dust and grime
•    Removes any mites and bacteria
•    Post pet maintenance
•    Scheduled cleaning to suit your needs
•    Upholstery cleaning for furnished lets
•    Reliable and professional experienced technicians

If you are a landlord looking for an excellent professional cleaning company, ring 01908 410004 and speak to Floor Wizards.

We cover the folowing areas for landlords

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