Keep Your Carpet Looking Beautiful

Keep Your Carpet Looking Beautiful

Keep Your Carpet Looking Beautiful Vacuuming is good for day to day maintenance of the carpet. But to maintain it in the best way, CRI recommends that you should keep your carpet clean in every 12-18 months.

Seal of approval service providers-it is especially recommended by CRI that you must clean your carpet by an SOA certified service provider. The companies using SOA approved equipment assure their customers that their carpet will be serviced with one of their best products. Using such services is one of the most effective ways to assure your warranty. Most of the people recommend SOA products for cleaning the carpet.

So, go and search for SOA service provider today!

There are various questions when you must ask the person when you are hiring any professional for carpet cleaning.

Ask the person about the company’s reputation and experience. Or else you can also Google and search about the reviews given by the customers. This will help you to judge the reputation of the company more easily.

An important question needs to be asked, do you vacuum your carpet before deep cleaning? The answer to this question should be yes. Vacuuming your carpet before deep cleaning is a little tricky and makes a huge difference at the end of the result.

The next question that you must ask is how is your pricing structured? The pricing rated by the professional must be based on the area that needs to be cleaned and not by looking at the number of rooms. Also, make sure that you have already measured the area that needs to be cleaned before talking on the phone. The sizes of the room may vary, so be careful if any company is quoting you with the price of the room.

You must ask the professional how much it will cost when you are talking to him on the phone. Ask the estimated rate and if you are satisfied only then proceed further.

The next question that needs to be asked is that ‘are your technicians certified by the Institute of Inspection, Restoration and Cleaning’ (IICRC)?

Also, ask them at the end whether they will manage to move the furniture or you have to do before they start their work? And if they will move the furniture, then will they charge for it or not?

There are a few considerations when the cleaners arrive.

Make sure that you point out when facing any difficulty, spot them if any special attention needs to be required.

All major carpet manufacturers living in the U.S. highly recommend using SOA products because of the high-quality maintenance.

There are many warranties which require to check with the carpenter manufacturer before you allow any additional treatment like anti-static treatments or re-applying stain treatments.

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