Guide for Carpet Cleaning Effectively



The Floor Wizards guide to carpet care Generally we do not appreciate what our carpets, floors and upholstery go through on a daily basis. Certainly, if our carpets are of a light colour, we will notice when they become stained or marked. If we have dark carpets we do not see those stains and marks, but that is not all we do not see. Hiding out of our sight is dirt, dust and grime and when you add the mites and bacteria living in that grime, the scenario becomes even worse. Although technology moves forward very quickly and our domestic vacuums and carpet cleaners are far superior to even those of a few decades ago, they are still not adequate in the fight against dirt and germs. The benefits of professional cleaning Nearly 85 percent of the dirt in a carpet is invisible, dirt hides in the fabric and underside of the carpet where it is attached. It is quite possible for a regularly vacuumed carpet to hold its own weight in concealed dirt. The main benefits for professional carpet cleaning are: – o    The carpet will live longer – professional cleaning is cheaper than a new carpet o    Your home will be healthier – all those hazardous pests hiding in the pile will be removed o    The carpet will look better – everyone likes their home to be looking its best o    Your home will smell cleaner – we sometimes do not notice the odours coming from our carpets until they have gone o    The carpet will be stain free – the powerful industrial cleaners professionals use will remove more of the staining o    The carpet will be better protected – We always apply a protective guard to your pile to assist with future spills We have your area covered – click here to see For all your professional deep cleaning needs using the most modern equipment and products call Floor Wizards on 01908 410004   [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]