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Guide to helping clean your own oven

Cleaning a dirty, greasy oven, requires either a lot of household substances and some energetic elbow grease or some nasty chemicals. So whether you own a range cooker or an aga, here is an easy guide to how you can clean it yourself:guide to oven cleaning

General tips on oven and hob cleaning:
As a rule, it is generally best to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning your own oven.

Oven cleaning; The natural method:
Mix bicarbonate of soda with hot water until it forms a thick paste. Then wipe it all over the inside of the oven and leave over night. The following morning, scrub it clean.

The chemical method:
This method requires a lot less effort but can be hazardous. A mix of bleach and hot water is needed, along with a face mask and rubber gloves. Spray the oven completely with the bleach and wait a few hours. After a couple of hours clean it all down with hot soapy water.

Gas hobs:
Gas hobs are relatively easy to clean as they can be dismantled. If you do not have a dishwasher, soaking the pan stands in hot water with some biological laundry detergent works wonders to get the grease and burnt on stains off. Bicarbonate of soda mixed with hot water is also very good at scrubbing clean the gas burners. (This trick also works on burnt pots and pans.) Finally, polish the hob with a dry cloth made from micro-fibres.

Ceramic and induction hobs:
Both these kinds of hobs are very prone to scratches, so do not use anything that is abrasive to clean them. It is always best to try and wipe up any spills that occur straight away.

Range cookers stainless steel:
Try to wipe the whole stainless steel panel in one go and not in little patches. When polishing the stainless steel, make sure you do it with a separate and clean cloth made from micro-fibres. In addition to this, always wipe and polish along with the grain of the stainless steel and not in a circular movement. Any gentle cleaning product that is non-abrasive will work reasonably well in along side a micro-fibre cloth.

Enamel or a gentle cream cleaners with a non-abrasive cloth will work best and also will give it a good final finish. As spills are generally so burnt in an aga oven, they can just be swept out.
If the aga is off a different cleaning approach is needed. Firstly, wipe the hobs clean and scrape anything burnt on, with a palette knife. Then use a slight emery cloth, in circular motions to clean it properly. Any enamel or chrome should be cleaned with a careful and gentle approach.

Extractor fans and hoods:
Replace any paper fan filters that are soaked in grease and cover the hood in a paste of bicarbonate of soda and hot water, one left for a while, wipe clean and polish with a micro-fibre cloth.
Some ovens have a chimney-style extractor. These all have an aluminium mesh inside their casing. To clean them you must take out the mesh and clean it using hot soapy water or in a dishwasher.

Ultimately, cleaning your oven properly takes a lot of time and effort, so perhaps it is best to use a professional oven cleaning service like Floor Wizards oven cleaning service.

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