Get Your Carpets And Rugs Cleaned During The Dry Weather

Get your carpets and rugs cleaned during the dry weather

Get Your Carpets And Rugs Cleaned During The Dry Weather  Now that our Great British Summer has arrived, and seems to promise plenty of hot dry weather, we think about weeks of escaping ‘the great indoors’ and daydream about the joy and freedom of outdoor living. Children playing in the garden for hours, pets staying outside, paddling pools, family barbeques, summer party nights with family, friends and neighbours… Wait! What will happen to your carpets? The chances are more mud and dirt will actually get tracked inside during the summer months than at other times. True, there will be more time spent outdoors, but more frequent journeys between house and garden will generate more carpet traffic.

After our poor winter, and wet spring too, your carpets are now probably more than ready for some professional cleaning to remove dirt, grime and odours.

Getting your carpets professionally cleaned for the following important reasons:

• Hot weather drying times for rugs and carpets are much quicker. Winter drying can take 7 to 15 hours, whereas, in summer, this will reduce to more like 5 to 7 hours.

• In the summertime, doors and windows can be left open. The circulating air currents created will carry away the moist, humid air from the damp rinsed carpets and speed drying even more.

• You can remove winter grime, indoor stains and odours, spring mud, and spills from your most recent barbeques and parties, all in one simple operation.

• Deep cleaning will remove existing pollens and allergens from your carpets, avoiding any build-up and creating a fresh and healthy living environment.

• It is quite practical to be ‘living outside’ with the family whilst cleaning is in progress. Keeping drying carpets and rugs traffic-free, and thus avoiding crushed carpet fibres, will also speed up the drying process.

• During school holidays, family schedules are often at their most flexible, which again minimises the potential for the cleaning process to cause disruption.

So now really is the best time to help protect your rugs and carpets and increase their lifespan. Don’t leave ground-in dirt to harden into deep stains. Get the clean, summer-fresh smell back into your home. It won’t just look good, it will feel good too!