Carpet Cleaning Services in Bedford

Floor Wizards Carpet Cleaning Service In Bedford

  We are expanding our magic services. The Floor Wizards carpet cleaning and maintenance service has opened in Bedford. Moquette, fitted carpets, and even that costly Persian rug in the front room, can be revitalised and brought back to original splendour. Spills and stains on carpet are hard to remove, some are impossible to eliminate and those ghostly traces of that wild wine party can remain in the fibre of the carpet forever. Floor Wizards take up the challenge! No splotch, blot or discoloration is beyond our expert carpet-cleaning capacity. When your carpets are looking tired and despondent, accustomed to just the odd zoom with the broom or hovering Hoover, we move in and infuse new life into the carpet. Colours that you hardly remember glow once more.  We carry out in-depth cleaning over every inch of carpet. Our highly skilled professional cleaning teams take pride in delivering excellent results. Floor Wizards are constantly up to date with all the latest carpet cleaning methods and products. We employ state of the art cleaning equipment, specially designed to penetrate deep into the pile of the carpet. We work quickly and efficiently; we use fast-drying cleaning products to keep the inaccessibility time to a minimum. We are not limited to cleaning carpets; we clean various hard surfaces such as wooden or tile floors and we also specialise in cleaning upholstery. All our treatments are perfectly safe in the presence of children and pets. We deliver a high quality service at very affordable prices. It is not only the private householder who can appreciate our services. Our specialised skills, and above all the ability to tackle big jobs, means that we are much in demand by various business and commercial enterprises as well as community structures. Those who particularly benefit from our services belong to various categories: • Landlords and house-letting agencies • Businesses/offices • Hotels • Pubs and restaurants • Rest homes and care homes • Schools Floor Wizards is now in Bedford and is able to serve the whole of Bedfordshire and outlying areas. Many smaller towns or villages in this area can take advantage of the Bedford Floor Wizards branch. Bedfordshire towns such as: Oakley, Bromham, Elstow, Turvey, Blunham, Harrold, or places as far afield as St Neots or Sandy, Northampton or Wellingborough, are all within the Bedford Floor Wizards service area. Call Floor Wizards Today on 01908 41 00 04 for a free quote.