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End of Tenancy Cleaning

There is no place like home. But home isn’t always constant. With the soaring prices of ownership these days, numerous people choose the rental option, which also means that sooner or later, they will have to move out.

It doesn’t matter if you are a tenant moving to new place, a top real-estate agent, a landlord or just someone whose trying to sell his or her old home and it also doesn’t matter if you are an ultra clean person.

When you do decide to vacate you’ll realize that a considerable amount of cleaning is required to make your old abode feel like a new one to it’s next occupant. When this happens look no further. Our team consists of highly dedicated and motivated individuals who fully realize the importance of what they do and are always ready to deliver the best service for the best prices.

Our efforts guarantee that the end of tenancy cleaning service we provide will always exceed your expectations and you will see your home in a whole new shiny bright light.

Our cleaning services include a deep and thorough cleaning of any and all rooms, including electrical fittings and appliances, furniture and fittings and pretty much anything else. We ensure the highest cleanliness standards and 100% satisfaction every time.

End of Tenancy cleaning checklist:

Lets start with the Kitchen…..Shall we?

First come the various drawers and cupboards, which we will polish and clean as thoroughly as possible. The refrigerator comes next. Goes without saying that the cleaning procedure here is more than just internal and external. You see fridges are exceptionally hard to clean completely as they have a lot of hard to reach areas.

Of course, not so much for us, we will take it apart and put it back together if we have to meet the standards you will come to expect from us. Next we will concentrate on cleaning inside and out of various other kitchen appliances that you may have like the microwave, dishwasher, washing machine, soap dispenser etc.

We will clean and degrease inside of of oven and polish the chrome on the outside and of course we can’t forget about the grill. Our services also include cleaning and polishing all kitchen tiles and countertops, removing slime-molds and properly washing down all wooden surfaces.

Next comes the Bathrooms:

Our bathroom cleaning services are guaranteed to ensure that taking a shower is as soothing and pleasant for it’s new user as it was once for you. We will start with cleaning and polishing the bath, cleaning shower cabinets, basins, mirrors and towel rails. Of course we can’t forget about those nasty molds either.

Moving on to the Bedrooms.

This is probably one of the most critical areas of your home when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning. Some of the most intimate a cherished memories that you have of yourself with your friends and family were made in this room and you would want the new occupants to do the same.

Firstly those nasty cobwebs must go. Next we will thoroughly clean covings, curtain rails, lights and other appliances, switches and other fittings, wash window sills and carefully dust of wooden furniture.

Living and Dining area:

We will start with clearing out any cobwebs, cleaning covings, curtain rails, lights and other appliances, switches and other fittings, wash window sills and carefully dust of wooden furniture. We will also clean the fire place thoroughly if you have one.

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