Emergency Cleaning Tips

Cleaning Tips:

Are there any problems with your carpets? Stains, bubblegum, and dirt? A problem, indeed! Then you must be prepared for you to need tips on cleaning your carpets! But these are not simple tips only. These are emergency cleaning tips that you can apply to your carpets!

When you stain a beautiful and costly carpet, you start off thinking of products that can do the trick and remove the stain. But there is another predicament that you are facing. Those products are unaffordable!

But there is no need for you to panic as here are some of the emergency tips that you can follow to say goodbye to those stains and other contaminants in your carpet. To find out more click here!

Cleaning Tips for Simple Stain Problems (Urine, Coffee, Alcohol, and other forms of Liquid)

You must solve this problem to prevent the stain from leaving a mark on your beautiful carpet. With these you need to prepare the different items first:

  • Detergent
  • The mix of Detergent and Vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon of Ammonia solution
  • A piece of cloth

First step:

Apply dabs of detergent and vinegar mix solution and work on the outer edges of the stains first then gradually go in. Efficiently and gently blot it using the cloth.

Second Step:

After that, you have to rinse the area swiftly using a mixture of 4 parts water and 1 part white vinegar and put in a spray bottle or any bottle with a spray mechanism. Squirt a little amount of the solution to the affected area and lightly blot the moist zone.

Third Step:

On the damp area place on top a clean absorbent cloth and weight down with an object so the absorption can take place well. Leave it overnight and check the results in the morning.


Don’t rub the affected part as it may damage the carpet, dab only!

Chocolate, Milk, Egg, and others

The solutions that you will be using is just the same as the above method. Before you begin the procedure, you must remove the remainder of the chaos.

The procedure is just the same. Using the same solution of vinegar and detergent work the outer edges of the stain and eventually working in. Lightly and repeatedly blot with the clot.

After this, the next solution that you will be using is Ammonia — using the ammonia solution blot the affected area repeatedly.

The rinsing process will be the same, with the use of 1-part vinegar and 4-parts solution. Spray the area and leave an absorbent cloth on the top and leave it overnight.

Gum, Oil, Shoe Polish and Fatty Stain

The very first thing that you are going to do is to apply a dry solution to the affected part and then apply the next solution of vinegar and detergent solution. Frequently and lightly blot the affected part.

The rinsing process and drying will be the same as the one stated above.

These methods can help you in emergencies, especially that stains in carpets must be resolved immediately before they leave a permanent scar. You don’t have the time to buy products, so you must have these emergency tips as it can save your carpets from permanent damages. If you want to find out more on cleaning tips click here for our FAQ.

Also, have the items to be prepared already as a problem with your carpets may rise unexpectedly at least you will be ready to face the next stain problems.

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