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Driveway, Patio Steam Cleaning Service

Floor Wizards provides services to both commercial and domestic clients, an absolute driveway sealing driveway cleaning service.
Using the newest technology, the rotating plane surface cleaning equipment is capable of offering cleaning services to all hard pavement forms for Driveway Cleaning.

Besides offering driveway cleaning, we also provide block pavement cleaning, patio cleaning and we are also capable of cleaning ornamental concrete areas and alleyways.

Driveway cleaning is accomplished using high-pressure machines and any chemicals required to get it back to its unique state.

Driveway covering will be provided as an alternative when one selects driveway cleaning from the company.

For decorative concrete areas, concrete slabs or block paving the advantages are numerous, helping to reduce growth, decrease lichen and moss and helps in preventing oil staining and revealing the colour of the pavement.

On block pavement, the professional sealer will alleviate the sand joints; this will, in turn, reduce the surface action of ant invasions.

  • One always has a clean office or house. When an individual hires a professional cleaner to clean his house or office, he can be sure that he will always have a sparkling home or office. This makes things easier because he will not have to clean his premises.


  • It gives one time to do other things. Employing professional cleaners gives a person time to concentrate on other things in his busy timetable instead of perturbing about cleaning his premises all the time.


  • Signing an agreement ensures normal visits. Several professional home and office cleaners offer individuals a choice of signing an agreement to guarantee normal visits to his home or office. This allows one to have a sparkling home or office all the time.


  • Professional cleaners provide homeowners and commercial owners with the required experience. Professional cleaners usually enjoy several years of experience in this field and will provide people with excellent cleaning services.


  • Professional cleaners provide the necessary expertise. Besides the experience they possess, specialised cleaners also have a skill and can provide business and homeowners with tremendously classy cleaning standards.


  • Professionals use industrial-grade machines. Professionals make use of industrial-grade machines that clean businesses and home thoroughly to make sure the owner is completely pleased with the outcome. Professionals personalised cleaning plan to their clients. A professional cleaning corporation can develop a modified cleaning schedule to meet the specific preferences and needs of a client.


  • This involves going to the businesses and homes of their clients before cleaning them to establish exactly what the clients are looking forward to.

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