What Causes Dirty Marks Under Doors and Along Skirting?

What Causes Dirty Marks Under Doors and Along Skirting?

What Causes Dirty Marks Under Doors and Along Skirting? Soil Filtration is the dark, greyish lines which appear on the carpet. This is basically not the fault or defect in carpets, but a circumstance in which dust and other airborne pollutants may get accumulated on the carpet surface and on its fibres in areas with a concerted airflow over the carpet or through tiny cracks or other areas under the carpet. Usually, this soiling condition develops over a long period of months or years. This filtration of soil is more prominent in the lighter coloured carpet than those of deep or bright coloured. It does not depend on the quality of carpets that causes soil filtration.

This soiling usually occurs in the areas like baseboards, under doors, in the edges of the stairs and the edges of the carpet and its surface. It may also occur under the skirting of furniture like sofas, wardrobes etc. It mostly occurs due to an improper ventilation system, where air circulation is irregular. Soil filtration may also occur from fireplace or automobile emissions, fine sand & clay particles, cooking oil, or a host of other soil or a combination of soils. If the surface or fibres of the carpet gets oily it attracts more dust and thus it gets dirty. So, this should be kept in mind that the carpet surface should not get oily.

Some Tips to Reduce Filtration Soiling:

Soil filtration occurs due to many reasons which have already been discussed. If we become aware of those causes of soil filtration we can reduce it to a large extent. Though it is not so easy to identify an effective measure to prevent soil filtration, in the following lines, there are some tips on how to reduce soil filtration.

· Prevent airflow through the carpet & its edges by sealing cracks in the sub-floors. Do the same for the edges of stairs, under the baseboards to reduce filtration.

· Keep the air clean inside the home by reducing the indoor air contaminants such as cooking emissions, cigarette smoke, fireplace smoke, burning candles and cleaning chemicals emissions. Control these pollutants to get clean air and reduce soil filtration.

· Install and replace your high-efficiency HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition) system regularly if you have any in your office or home.

Ways to Remove/Clean Soil Filtration:

To remove or clean Filtration Soiling is usually not so easy, as the soil particles are primarily allowed to build up on carpet pile fibre over a long time. Sometimes one cleaning technique is not enough to clean the soiling, multi-treatment cleaning systems need to be applied. In recent years there are some innovations in soil and stain-resist treatment which have made the cleaning process a bit easier than before.

Here are some tips to clean the filtration soiling-

· Use vacuum crevice tools to remove the loose dust or soiling on the carpet

· Spray a light mist of dry cleaning solution over the soiled carpet areas. Do this job carefully so that the carpet doesn’t get soaked. Then use a brush to clean the soiling from the carpet. Gently brush the pile so that it is slightly raised.

· Use a flip-flop bottle to apply a gel solvent to the flirtation lines. Use a piece of wood or plastic to protect the wall or baseboard. Then, work the solution with much agitation with a small brush so that the soiling is removed. When you start rinsing, apply a strong solution of Hydrogen peroxide (but keep in mind that natural fibre needs extra care). Then, agitate the chemicals on the fibre and let them mix for several minutes. Finally, rinse repeatedly so that the filtration get removed totally.

· You can also use shaving cream of any brand and a scrub brush to remove the stains on the carpets or on skirting or on stairs.

Many carpet cleaning companies don’t clean carpets right up to the skirting, leaving dirt and microbes from the air resting in your carpet pile until the next time the air pressure in the room changes and this dust is blown back into the room.

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