Cleaner Carpets Helps Keep Life Span Of Carpets

Cleaner Carpets Helps Keep Life Span Of Carpets

Cleaner Carpets Helps Keep Life Span Of Carpets  It is almost certain that if you have a new carpet you will want to keep it looking like new for as long as possible, as well as keeping your existing carpets in tip-top condition too.  General maintenance cleaning of your carpets will keep them looking better for longer, and a professional carpet cleaning service on a regular basis is ideal for increasing the life-span of your carpets.  But in between getting your carpet cleaned by a professional, the odd accidental spill may happen and it is best that you know how to deal with it to avoid staining and causing damage to the carpet permanently.

Liquid spills on a carpet should be blotted up with a clean dry cloth, never rubbed in or scrubbed.

Always use detergent or another cleaning agent that you know is suitable for the fabric your carpet is made from.  Never over-wet the carpet. Work from the outer edges, in.  It is also encouraged to use a hair-dryer on a mild/warm setting to dry the area quicker once finished and the stain is clear.  Household white vinegar can be a very useful item in cleaning your carpet, just add one teaspoon into your detergent solution. Vinegar can also be used in the final rinse by adding one part white vinegar to 4 parts plain water.  Always use white vinegar, never malt.  This solution can then be sprayed or blotted on, then off again.  The trick on getting rid of stains on the carpet is to catch them quickly and act fast.

There is no guarantee that the stain will completely vanish, but the mark will definitely be reduced by following the few simple steps mentioned in this article. Cleaner carpets will last longer and look better for longer, and so be sure to look after your carpet and keep it stain and dirt free. As mentioned, there are many things you can do at home to prevent permanently soiling of carpets, and you can also seek professional help from a carpet cleaning company too. Be sure to keep the few basic things on hand mentioned, just in case.

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