The Floor Wizard Way To Clean Carpets

Carpet cleaning the Floor Wizard way

Because carpets are always under your feet, they really do get the brunt end of everything dirty. They are always having things spilt, dropped and trodden into them.

We try our best to keep them clean, by hovering and using stain removers but, unfortunately, those same actions mean we end up driving the dirt deeper and deeper.

Carpet cleaning benefits – Whether you vacuum and wash your carpets on a regular basis, they still do not get clean; cleaner? yes, thoroughly clean? no.

So what are the benefits of giving your carpets a thorough clean with specialist equipment and products which are specifically designed to take care of the dirt that is ingrained.

Removal of stains – Stains are a real pain, they are unsightly and difficult to hide

Extending the life of your carpet – Your carpet can have a reduced life span because of the dirt residing in it; the dirt is continually driven in every time someone treads on it.

Hygiene – This may sound obvious, but, a dirty carpet is not exactly a hygienic place.

Smell – With all the dust and dirt in your carpet there comes smells and odours.

Germs – We all know that our homes have a great deal of germs wandering around them, mites and bacteria are a normal part of life

A better-looking carpet – A quality carpet is an expensive item for your home. However the ravages of time can turn it into an unpleasant and unsightly rag.

How do Floor Wizards achieve their results?

We achieve these results by using modern equipment coupled with superb cleaning products.

But that is not all, Floor Wizards use: –

• fast drying carpet cleaning methods; to get the water off your carpet as quickly as possible.

• Child and pet friendly products; to keep everyone safe.

• Deep cleaning; gets to the deeper, buried dirt.

• Stain protection; if you spill anything again, it will be easier to remove the spilt substance and so stop further staining.

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