Carpet Cleaning Myths to Avoid

Carpet Cleaning Myths to Avoid

Carpet cleaning looks like a very complicated task to do. However, if you call a professional carpet cleaning company, you can get your carpets cleaned without difficulty and fuss. There are lots of myths about carpet cleaning, so here are the top 7 myths to void.

Vacuuming your carpet once a week is enough

One of the most common myths when it comes to cleaning the carpet is that vacuuming once a week is enough to maintain it and protect against the damage that debris can cause. But, the Environmental Protection Agency suggests that you must vacuum your carpet regularly. This may seem too much, but particles that settle into the pile like soil, dust, and pollen can cause all kinds of issues if not eliminated quickly. Getting rid of the debris immediately can prolong the life of your carpet for many years.

White Wines Can Remove Stains of Red Wine

This is also one of the old myths that many people still follow at this point. This is not true. This will just worsen the condition, and who wants to pour white wine on the carpet? It is just a waste of time and money.

Steam Cleaning is Bad for Carpets

There are lots of cleaning techniques practised by many cleaning companies, but steam cleaning is the only one to be recommended by a lot of carpet manufacturers as well as industry bodies like IIRC. Steam cleaning is the only method of getting rid of the contaminants from carpets. Other techniques like dry cleaning, as well as bonnet cleaning, can cause more damage to the carper.

Deodorizer Keeps Your Carpet Smell Fresh

Technically speaking, deodorizing powder for carpet does keep it smelling fresh as well as pleasant. However, it’s not worth the damage it can cause to the carpets. Take note that deodorizer is made from talcum powder that can be stuck in a pile and makes its way into the underlay and backing, never being vacuumed up. If you get the service of an expert to do steam cleaning, the carpet surface will become covered in big white stains.

Flooded Carpet Dry Out Themselves

The carpet dries out by themselves or with the help from yourself. However, water damage can begin causing mildew and mould between 49 and 72 hours after the flood, and if this time frame has passed, your carpet can no longer be cured, and you need to buy a new one.

Water Can Help to Eliminate Stains

Getting a damp cloth may look like your first step in cleaning carpet stains; however, it can worsen the damage. Water is liquid, so it can spread as well as seep deeper the stains. To keep away from permanent marks, you have to blot the stain from outside using a kitchen towel before using a cleaner or carpet mousse. Find out more on tips here is our guide!

Bleach Can Be Used in Cleaning Modern Carpets 

This is true for a few brands of carpets; however, it does not apply to all. If you’re not certain the material of your carpet, make a water-bleach solution then put a small amount of it in a hidden portion of your carpet using a toothbrush. Once you take this for granted, this may ruin the colour of your carpet. 

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