Carpet Care Tips

Carpet Care Tips

How many of us really know about such things how to maintain carpet?

Here are some easy tips on carpet cleaning:-

1. Carpet Care Tips are perhaps the most vulnerable part of the house. It can get easily dirty. Most of the time it is subjected to spills, spoilage, etc. In such a case, start by dabbing the carpet, and not rubbing it. Be gradual and gentle and not rough and hard.

2. Club soda is a simple way of cleaning carpets. Club soda helps in keeping the carpets neat and helps in avoiding any type of spoilage. It is easily available in the market and can be easily used for cleaning purpose.

3. Shaving cream is an excellent way to clean carpets. They are easy to apply. All one needs to do is dab some shaving clean on a cloth and put in on the carpet. Shaving cream is a good remedy if there is sticky grime on the carpet.

4. Another way of cleaning a carpet is by taking care that the carpet is not soiled in any way. People should be instructed to remove their shoes or clean their shoes before they enter a carpet region.

5. Many time it occurs that dry gums enter the carpet region and under such condition, what you can do is freeze-dry gum. This can be done by using ice cubes. Dab a little ice cube on the gum and the gum freezes. You can then prick upon the gum and remove it.

6. One can remove grease by using detergent. Detergent is known for its cleansing property. The detergent helps in removing grease of any form and keeps the carpet clean.

7. Sometimes it may happen; there is wax on the carpet. Such type of wax can be removed by the following method. Put a dry cloth on the iron and put the slightly heated iron on the wax. This will remove the wax of any kind from the carpet.

8. It’s a well-known fact that hydrogen peroxide has many uses. It can also serve as a wonderful agent for cleaning the carpet. All you need to do is dab some hydrogen peroxide on a piece of cloth and put it on the grime. This will remove dirt of any kind.

Hence, we see that carpet cleaning is no rocket science. One need not be in a hurry but should clean the carpet in a gradual and in a gentle manner.

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