Every time you wake up with bites from bed bug you must have bedbugs –

DO BUGS LIVE IN CARPET? There has been a lot in the news about an infestation of bed bugs and this might make you think that every time that gets out of the bed in the morning with your skin having some bites the culprit must be the bed bugs. But you should not panic. First, there could be some other arthropods that could have been the ones that have bitten you including mites, bat bugs or even fleas, There are also medical conditions that have similar symptoms to that of bites of a bed bug. If the marks will persist but there is a sign of an infestation that you have found, then it would be worthy if you seek medical help from a doctor.

Am on the person in the household with bed bug bites – so they can’t be bites from bed bugs –

if it happens that you are the only person in the household that have woken up with bite marks that would not be a reason to exclude bedbugs from being the cause. There is a different reaction in different people to bedbug bites just as it happens with bites from a mosquito or any other insect. This is a matter of the reaction of your body to the bug saliva when it bites you. Two people may use the same bed which is infested by bed bugs and one wake up with no sign of having any bite marks while the other has bite marks covering the body.

Bedbugs are so small you can’t see them with naked eyes –

this is very true the bed bugs are very small insects but not microscopic. If there is of a place that you can find them then it will be possible for you to see them even without using any magnifying aid. The bed bug has a nymph which has a size the same with a that of a poppy seed and that is where it grows from. An adult bed bug measures much larger than 1/8th of an inch or lentil. Their eggs have a size which is the same as the pinhead and it’s harder to see them without magnification. See why to choose us!

Bedbugs like living in your dirty house, if I can keep my home clean, I can’t get bedbugs –

bedbugs do not care how clean or your house is the tidiest or even that you are the best housekeeper in that area. What matters is that you have blood flowing in your veins and that will provide them with meals, so bed bugs will your home and live very happily. This is the same case that applies to resorts and hotels. To whether a hotel has bed bugs or not this is not a matter of how clean the place is. A resort that is five- star can also host bed bugs. But one thing that you need to have in mind is it maybe not be easy to get rid of bed bugs in your home if there is clutter as they will have a lot of areas where they can stay hiding

The bugs can only bite when it’s dark –

this is a fact that bed bugs prefer to bite when its dark but even when there is light a bug that is hungry will still bite you. Due to desperation, some people will live all the lights on throughout the night, with a hope that hide as the cockroaches do, but this will only make you sleep deprived.

Bed-bugs live in mattresses –

that’s why they are called bed bugs – yes this is true indeed. Bed bugs hide in the crevices and seams of your mattresses. Since these insects feed on blood it is for their advantage when they live in a place that is close to where you sleeps during the night. But this is not to mean that bed bugs only live in mattresses as they also inhabit other places like in carpets, closets, dressers and couches including places that you cannot even think of checking like switch plate covers and picture frames. Also, bed bugs have no limit of just living in people’s home as they are also being found in commuter trains, movie theatres and many other areas that people congregate too.

DO BUGS LIVE IN CARPET? It’s possible to feel the bed bug biting you the bed bugs were are discussing here is the pretty small and their mouth too. The saliva of the bed bug has a substance that acts anaesthetic so that whenever it bites your skin will get numb first. This makes it therefore not likely to feel when it bites you.

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