Best Way to Remove Makeup from the Carpet

Best Way to Remove Makeup from the Carpet

Do you really have to panic when you see makeup in the carpet?

Then you need not worry as it can be removed easily. Makeup stains ruin your carpet and it can become bigger if you try to scrub it wrong. It is not easy to make it disappear also, so it is better to remove the makeup stain properly. So if you have carpet with makeup stain, do you throw it away or you remove the stain? It can be removed in different ways rather than hiding the spots with different things. Find out more about us!

How to remove makeup stain?

A lot of methods are being used by the people to remove the stains from the carpet area but they may not be able to properly clean by which it does not disappears completely. So, the makeup stain can be removed with various methods which can be used as follows:-

I. Method 1- If you discover the makeup stain then you need to remove that stain as early as possible.

If the excess makeup is on the carpet surface, juts scoop it with the plastic spoon or cloth. For the different type of makeup stain, a specific solution should be made to remove the makeup stain.

Nail polish- Nail polish remover with no colour and non-acetone
Mascara and eyeliner -1/4 (dishwashing liquid) and warm water (1 cup)
Liquid foundation-Hydrogen peroxide solution 3%
Lipstick – Rubbing alcohol and paint remover
When you make the specific makeup solution then the solution is added to the cloth which should be dampened but should not be completely soaked. Do not rub the makeup stain it but blot it with the cloth firmly to remove the makeup stain. Repeat it for4-5 times until the stain is removed from the carpet. When the stain is removed, then spray the water on the affected area and after the carpet gets dried, then vacuum the area.

II Method 2 – Another method to clean the makeup stain is:-

Firstly, you need to clean the makeup residue from the surface of the carpet. Then the cloth must be soaked in cleaning fluid and apply it on the carpet stain.
Then for the 5 minutes, the solution should be soaked in the carpet.

To remove the excess makeup colour, the solution is blotted with a clean cloth. Then the affected area must be rinsed with the cold water. The steps should be repeated until the stain is not removed.
The makeup stain is easily removed with the various cleaning tools also so that the no-makeup stain is there on the carpet.

Therefore, the above methods can be used to remove the makeup stains very easily. It can be removed by preparing a specific solution for this which helps in removing the different types of makeup. The different types of solutions remove the makeup stain rather than making it more visible as it is not easy to remove it just with the water. Cleaning tools like a vacuum cleaner, spoon, towels etc are used in removing the makeup stain from the carpet in your living room which you hide with your furniture. Rather than hiding try to remove it with the best methods which will totally make the stain disappear from the carpet.

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