Why do we need to deep clean?
Because we are continually walking on our carpets we are compacting one layer of grime on top of another. Think of children playing on the grass, the longer they continue on their knees, the thicker the build up of mud becomes on their clothes. Try cleaning the mud off, a damp cloth is not going to budge it. It needs a proper clean to remove it. When we vacuum or wash are carpets with domestic appliances, it is like trying to clean the dirty knees with a cloth, and, unfortunately, we never see the amount of dirt that is left behind.

The majority of quality carpets on the market today are sold with a protective guard applied to them. This makes it easier to clean-off surface marks and deal with spillages before they become stains. This protective guard is a layer that protects the fibres of the pile, acting as a buffer between the fibre and the offending substance. Over time this layer can be worn away with household wear and tear, and certainly during a deep clean it will disappear.

Once your carpet has been deep cleaned it is important to have this protection re-applied to the carpet. Floor Wizards apply a layer of industrial strength protective guard after every deep clean they carry out, so you can rest assured that your carpet will continue to be protected.

How to care for your carpet
o    You must vacuum and clean your carpet regularly. This is very important and it is vital you continue to do it.
o    Have your carpet professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months to keep it in tip top condition.
o    Have some form of protective guard applied to the surface of your carpet to help protect it from spillages.

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