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Floor Wizards – About us and how we deep clean About Us   Floor Wizards are a well established professional deep cleaning company in the Milton Keynes and North Bucks area. Our reputation is second to none and is built on reliability, professionalism and excellent customer services.   We have made a positive impact on the industry because we put our customer’s needs first, our flexibility and our guaranteed competitive rates. You will not find another professional deep cleaning company who offer such good value for money.   How we get the job done This is a step-by-step breakdown of how we operate when we start cleaning for you.  
  1. We vacuum
v  It seems strange but we start with the basics. It is far easier to pick up dirt when dry than when it is wet, so we start by getting rid of the dry stuff before it adds to the problem.
  1. We move or protect your furniture
v  Applying common sense here, we move lighter furniture and objects out of the area to be cleaned and apply protection to anything else that may come into contact with cleaning products or water.
  1. We pre-treat
v  Using a specially manufactured natural carpet cleaner we treat your carpet. This product poses no threat to animals or humans. With other companies this service may be charged for, with Floor Wizards it is FREE.
  1. We extract
v  The industrial cleaning units we use are the best on the market. These machines have the ability to soak the carpet in the cleaning mix, rinse the carpet with clean water and the vacuum is powerful enough that it leaves the carpets only a little damp.
  1. We groom
v  At this stage we are basically brushing the carpet so the pile returns to the upright position. This will speed up the whole drying process.
  1. We dry
v  We dry the carpets using industrial power fans, which can be anything up to 10 times the strength of other fans used in the carpet cleaning industry.
  1. We protect
v  The all important protective guard coat is applied. Remember we include this service for FREE.
  1. We check and double-check
v  We are a bit OTT when it comes to checking everything is just how we and, more importantly, you want them to be. A thorough check of our work to ensure it is finished perfectly. See the areas we cover around MK Newport Pagnell Now you know the way Floor Wizards operate, give us a call on 01908 410004