5 Tips For Cleaning Emergency Stains On Your Carpet

Floor Wizards are professional carpet cleaners based in Milton Keynes, and our mission is to ensure clean, hygienic and lively carpets in every home, hotel, cottage or office. No one can predict when or which spill will end up on your beautiful carpet. What is sure is that it will happen, and all that matters thereafter is how prepared you are for the emergency.

Every carpet owner must have a “carpet first aid kit” nearby for sudden spills. This should consist of the following vital items:
•Unsoiled hand towels, preferably white in colour, that soak up liquids fast
•Dry cleaning liquid
•Water and liquid soap solution in a spray bottle
•White vinegar
•Table salt

All these are affordable and easily available in local stores and used correctly, will save your carpet form unsightly, permanent stains. However should the stain persist, we at Floor Wizards are at hand to ensure we get it right off and restore your carpets beautiful sparkle.

To ensure no permanent stains mar the splendor of your carpet, we are happy to share with you the following easy to do tips for those unexpected emergency spills.

5 tips for cleaning emergency stains on your carpet

1. Take swift action: Respond instantly to the stain in an effort not to allow it to set and get completely absorbed by the carpet. The clean towels in your carpet first aid kit will come in handy here, and so will the table salt which stops stains from setting.

2. Do not rub: Do not rub or wipe the stain vigorously. Instead gently sponge it to ensure it is soaked into the towel. Add vinegar to pull out the stain and stop it from setting on your carpet.

3. Know your stains: Different stains require different techniques and solutions to get rid of. By knowing the stain, you are in a better position to clean it up. Stains are either liquid or solid in nature. Liquid stains include coffee, tea, wine or blood which should be sponged using vinegar plus the soapy water solution. Solid stains can be candle wax, chewing gum, shoe polish or oil and must first be scrapped, soaked then sponged.

4. Work from inside the stain: By working on the stain from the inside going out, you prevent it from further spreading on the carpet.

5. Keep carpet dry: Apply all liquids to the sponging towels and not directly to the carpet.

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