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10 Carpet-Cleaning Secrets from the Pros

10 Carpet-Cleaning Secrets from the Pros

Carpets are perhaps the most neglected part of the house. Also, one cannot ignore the fact that carpets are very much like a piece of furniture.  Carpets can be cleaned by the following methods:-

1. Club soda can be used for cleaning the carpet. All we need to do is dab some club soda on the carpet and then we get a cleaner carpet. This soda is available in the market easily.

2. We can use shaving cream to clean the carpet and keep it tidy. All we need to do is put some shaving crème on a piece of cloth and dab it on the carpet.

3. Another way of keeping the carpet clean is stopping it from getting soiled. All we need to do is stop people with soiled feet from entering the house. This will keep the house as well as the carpet clean. People with soiled shoes too should be refrained from entering the house.

4. Many times dry gum too gets stuck on the floor. This can be prevented by putting ice cubes on the gum. This will freeze the gum and can be then pricked up with a tooth pick.

5. If wax falls on the carpet, it can be removed by putting, a cloth on the carpet and then heating it with iron. This will stop the wax from hardening up and can be cleaned thoroughly afterwards.

6. Detergent can also be used to remove the grime. Detergent can be put on the grime and then water can be put on it. Later on it can be dabbed with a piece of cloth and the stain can be removed.

7. Hydrogen Peroxide can also be used for cleaning. This removes the stain. One can dab a piece of cloth on the solution and remove the stain. This is an efficient way of cleaning stain.

8. One can use a tooth brush to remove the grime. The tooth brush can remove the stain easily and can be used to clean the grime. This will remove the stain easily.

As one can see we can use many methods of carpet cleaning, other than mop and water. One can use club soda, tooth brush, hydrogen peroxide, detergent, shaving cream etc to keep the carpet clean and tidy.

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