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Carpet Cleaning Milton Keynes

Whether you live in Bletchley, Bedford, Buckingham, Stony Stratford, Towcester, Luton or Leighton Buzzard or MK Floor Wizards should be top of your list when it comes to choosing yourcarpet,floor and upholstery cleaning professionals. In fact we cover the whole of the Milton Keynes and North Bucks areas. Floor Wizards are skilled professionals and experienced, reliable carpet cleaners. They provide a first-class product in the domestic floor and upholstery area. Using the most up-to-date equipmentand products on the market, they achieve results that will make you think your floors and upholstery have been cleaned by magic. Cleaning your carpets, floors and upholstery can be a hard, thankless task. It is not an easy job to finish properly using the general household appliances and products available on the market. It is hard work and can be physically demanding, and that is just moving the furniture.

This is where an experienced company like Floor Wizards come to the fore. Using modern techniques and products they can clean,

Floor Wizards cover the Milton Keynes,Newport Pagnell, Buckingham, Winslow, Towcester, Luton,Leighton Buzzard and Olney areas.

Below is the customers we deal with at Floor Wizards


Fast appointments, fast drying, guaranteed

for carpet,curtain and upholstery cleaning.


For landlords who want professional,reliable

cleaning company to prepare properties.

Letting agents

We work for many letting agents offering

reliable, fast and cost saving.


Fast, reliable & quick drying cleaning service

Floor Wizards offer hotels a proven solution.


Our out of hours service offers pubs a chance

to get carpets cleaned with zero to business.


An environmentally fast acting, professional

service to restaurants. Call today.


Hardfloor cleaning/restoration, carpet, curtain &

upholstery for schools. A proven solution

Care Homes

Care homes offering cleaning solutions which offer

a fast & reliable solution to your business


Business want a flexible, cost effective

solution with no interruption to your business.

We will bring our cleaning expertise anywhere you wish your carpets, floors and upholstery to be cleaned.

Floor Wizards cover the Milton Keynes and North Bucks area working with,

•    Fast drying carpet cleaning
•    Child safe products
•    Pet friendly products
•    Deep clean
•    Stain protection
•    Spot cleaning
•    Carpet grooming

Add to all of this the very competitive rates we offer and you will be amazed at how affordable cleaning your home can be.

Let Floor Wizards work their spell on your carpets, floors and upholstery and, just like magic, they will appear practically new again!